Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Leadership Development Workshop is an ILM certificated course, which looks at (EQ) and how it connects to highly effective leadership. It covers areas such as your role as a woman in leadership as well as the skills that you have and how they will be beneficial to your company or organisation, and those who you are working with. Participants will have a snapshot of where they are on the EQ scale, giving them the opportunity to explore their own strengths and areas for development.

This practical course will cover the four keys to positive, constructive and successful leadership:

  • Recognising your contribution as a leader

  • Strong Leadership

  • Understanding and raising your EQ

  • Influence


Attendees will have the opportunity to assess their EQ and learn about:

  • What EQ is and why it is an important factor in strong leadership

  • What you can do to raise your own EQ to become the best leader you can be

  • The 6 EQ and leadership principles and the GRACE in Leadership model - and how to apply them

  • How you as a leader can motivate yourself and help your team effectively


After completing this workshop you will:

  • Have clarity about your own leadership style and how you lead

  • Have the capacity to lead more effectively

  • Understand how your EQ affects those you work with  

  • Understand how your EQ affects what you do, how you do it and your success!

This workshop is suitable for people who aspire to lead or have been working in a leadership or management position for less than 18 months. It is designed to support them in having stronger relationships with their peers and those they manage and help them to become more influential within their organisations.

This workshop is delivered in-house. We also offer free 1 hour taster workshops, or Grace can come and meet you for a chat. So, give us a call if you would like to find out more!

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