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Do you want to maximise your Early Years provision? Or strengthen the working relations within your Children's Centre team? Maybe you want to increase and retain community or parental involvement.


Many organisations now use coaching as a way to develop and enhance their performance. If you have goals that you want to achieve and need help to get there Impact Coaching & Consultancy would love to work with you. What’s even better is that we provide a mobile service which means that we come to you wherever you are in London.


We specialise in working with Children's Centres that are attached to schools or stand alone. In addition to that we work other Early Years settings such as private or community Nurseries. Either way we can spend as long as you need working with your setting.


We can help you to create strategies that:

  • Have people pouring through your door
  • Get your team working in harmony
  • Market your services with little or no money
  • Increase your productivity, profitability and positivity


Our Customer Services Workshops are best sellers. They are good for any organisation who want their staff to provide an award winning service. We offer other workshops and also can provide Bespoke training.


If you want more information please go to our Contact Us page to arrange a consultation on how we can help you reach your goals and to book a free 1 hour coaching session. 


Impact Coaching & Consultancy Ltd, 91 Albion Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 9PL